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SHBSS Nieuwsbrief januari 2015


Spoor van 100.000 sporen
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Troostmeisjes op omslag Japans tijdschrift


Interview Birma-Siamveteraan J. Ernst


Première speelfilm Flat Earth


Toespraak door SHBSS-voorzitter mevrouw dr. H.L. Pieters
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Toespraak door gastspreker Kees Maaswinkel, documentairemaker
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Gedicht Elke Dag van Ruben Breedveld, leerling Arentheem College
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This website provides information not only for former Prisoners of War that were forced to work on the Burma-Siam Railroad and the Sumatra Railroad and their relatives but also for anyone interested in that horrible part of the history in WWII in the Far East.


The Dutch Foundation SHBSS (Foundation for Commemoration the Burma-Siam Railroad and the Sumatra Railroad) is an organization of volunteers aiming for an annual commemoration at the monument on the Bronbeek estate in Arnhem (NL). During the ceremony we commemorate the victims of the Death Railroads that did not survive. For relatives and friends of the victims and the remaining survivors this is an exclusive opportunity to meet and exchange information The SHBSS initiates and organizes projects, such as research, exhibitions, publications for public information and education, in order to keep the memories alive.

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The Board

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